If there’s no other benefit to living on planet Earth it’s that it’s always summer somewhere here, so there’s always an opportunity for getting out and having some fun on a trampoline. You get lots of low impact fun and it’s great way to get the kids away from the Xbox, Wii or whatever other gaming machine they’re currently attached to.

Skywalker have been over 30 years of experience in building trampolines so you know you’re dealing with a company that knows what they’re doing both in terms of performance and safety. The trampoline we’re going to review today is their 15-foot round trampoline with a full enclosure – big enough for literally your entire family, especially the bigger kids in the family…like the parents.

So let’s get this review going!

skywalker trampolineSteel Construction
It might sound like a major case of stating the obvious but having a trampoline made out of rust-resistant steel is pretty important, simply because your trampoline is going to be exposed to the elements for at least some part of the year. When you’re spending several hundred dollars on anything you need to know that it’s going to last for more than a single summer of fun, and this Skywalker is designed to be around this summer, next summer and for many more after that.

W-Shaped Legs
This trampoline also features 6 galvanized steel legs which have a unique “W” shape to them, which gives the entire base of this trampoline plenty of stability. The reason why this is so important is because your yard isn’t perfectly level so the “W” shape of these trampoline legs are ideal for rough ground. Obviously if you can level off the ground where you’re going to place the trampoline then that’s going to help.

Safety Enclosure
Having a safety enclosure like the one on this Skywalker is important – even the most experienced trampoliner will eventually zig when they meant to zag, so it’s nice to know that you won’t go flying away from the trampoline if that happens. The safety enclosure on this trampoline is also locked to the jumping mat, so it’s not just slipped over the side of the trampoline frame like on some other cheaper (and more dangerous) brands.

Color Choices
This Skywalker trampoline comes in a black finish with blue trim, so at least you won’t spend more time trying to clean it then actually bouncing around on it and having fun.

This trampoline is designed for anyone over 6 years of age and weighing less than 200-pounds. You can risk using it if you weigh more than that but you’re doing that at your own risk. As you’ve probably guessed this Skywalker measures 15-foot x 15-foot x 9.5-feet. This makes it a permanent fixture in your yard because it’s not something you can simply put up and take back down in the same day.


* A 15-foot trampoline gives your kids loads of room to play

* Sturdy construction means you don’t need to worry about safety

* Skywalker is a brand name you can trust

* The safety enclosure gives parents some additional peace of mind


* This is a big trampoline and that means it’s permanent – unless you want to spend a day each week assembling and disassembling it

Costumer Ratings
The Skywalker 15-feet round trampoline is a very popular choice with Amazon shoppers, with almost 40 5-star reviews and another 14 4-star reviews. It’s pretty much the most popular trampoline they stock right now.

This trampoline is priced at just under $580, so it’s not cheap but you do get a lot for your money.

If you’re desperate to get your kids outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine then buying them a Skywalker 15-foot trampoline is about as good a bribe as you’ll find.